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Article: Resort 2023

Resort 2023

Commas are pauses. Spaces between. The time a breath takes between two words, lingering precious on the page and the tongue like a stolen moment. A comma is a holiday. A shelter from the chaos of sound.

Punctuating the end of 2022 with promises of relaxation and unfettered escape, the COMMAS Resort 2023 collection invites an escape from the urban ennui. 

In a series of idyllic freeze frames in the Sicilian heat, the intrinsic symbiosis of Australian culture and that of the Mediterranean basin is clarified. A transfer takes place : of light and languid gesture, of colour and fluidity, and a universality of circumstances where skin meets sand and sea. 

Elements of an environment, both architectural and organic, assimilate; garments reflect their surrounding in print, texture, and structure. Natural materials are treated with the utmost lightness of hand, from soft tailoring in Italian linens to macramé and hand knits in organic cotton. The opaline palette lifts through stratum of neutral shades to soft blacks, petrol, lavender, and sage. 

Artwork are center to the seasonal libation; a romantic hand painted woman and her fern, exhibiting the layered influence of the collection - the amalgamation of art, history and universal culture. Painted florals both refined and rugged and a finger-painted bouquet, create vibrant scenes in striking scale.

Knitwear crafted from linen, organic cotton and fine Biella wool, further blithe ease. The collection is finished with such details as hand crochet drawcords, pellucid Japanese buttons, and delicately fringed linen towelling, underpinning the acute craftsmanship and dedication to natural fabrications within each collection.

"Time unrestrained, was an anchoring thought for both the collection and the photoshoot that followed"-said Richard Jarman, Founder and Creative Director of COMMAS. "I focused on those nostalgic feelings of the cusp of boredom on holidays, which leads to a point of new discovery. The feeling you have when times stands still, and a new world of details opens. As an adult you must seek out these experiences. Sicily was an important place to capture the collection, there's seemingly unending layers of culture and history specifically revealed through the architecture, and of course the feeling of unfettered escape".